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Fire Emblem Warriors Reveals New Characters!

by on June 14, 2017

At the Nintendo E3 spotlight, Fire Emblem Warriors got its next trailer, which you can view below. And with it came new character reveals that’ll likely make many Fire Emblem fans happy.

Outside of the main characters, Marth, and Chrom, who were revealed earlier, three new faces stepped into the light. Xander, Prince of Nohr, Ryoma, Prince of Hoshido, and Female Corrin, princess of the invisible kingdom, are all joining the game. It’s interesting that they are all shown together in the game as they’re all from Fire Emblem Fates. But perhaps this will be a trend as we’ll see future characters possibly bundled together in a similar fashion.

Also, it was revealed that Fire Emblem Warriors will have Amiibo support, with two custom Amiibo revealed (so far) for the game. One of Chrom, and one of Tiki the divine dragon. Though Tiki has not been confirmed as a playable character, it would be odd for an Amiibo to be made of her yet not be a playable character.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases this fall.

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