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Fire Emblem Heroes Team Talks Art For Characters

by on August 31, 2017

Why do characters look so different than others in Fire Emblem Heroes? Why did they do certain poses with certain banners and characters?

Fire Emblem Heroes is a true testament to the depth and creativity that the series has had over the decades. It’s had numerous titles with loads of characters, and each one can bring something unique to the game. What’s more, the team at Intelligent Systems have made sure that every characters art is special in its own way. Yet, people have noticed certain things, like how certain styles are different between random characters. In an interview with Polygon, they explained why this is:

“With each character, we think internally at [Intelligent Systems], if this character was a hero in Fire Emblem Heroes, which illustrator would really bring out the best in this character? What would make the most appealing character? This is something we decide at [Intelligent Systems] but sometimes we ask [Nintendo’s] opinion as well.”

The team did get some flak though for recent additions via the Summer banners. Mainly, some of the characters had very revealing outfits, and were in poses that you could argue weren’t “all ages”. The team explained this too:

“If you look at the Fire Emblem series since Awakening, we’ve had DLC that involved characters in swimsuits. So this isn’t exactly a new concept. And, as you mentioned, Nintendo does have a family-friendly image. But within all of Nintendo’s franchises, Fire Emblem is generally played by people that are a little bit older. So when we make games for this series, we keep that in mind.”

Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a special new banner tomorrow featuring four classic characters in new attire.

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