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Fire Emblem Heroes Getting Major Updates Soon!

by on March 27, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes has been an undeniable hit for Nintendo, and through their constant stream of updates, they’ve kept players entertained since launch. However, fans have noted some odd discrepancies that have weighed the game down. But, Nintendo seems to be ready to fix these.

According to the Fire Emblem Heroes Japanese Twitter feed (and summarized by a fan on Reddit), three major changes are coming to the game, likely in April.

First, players will be able to adjust the starting positions of their characters before the battle begins. Second, the amount of experience a character gets against a lower level foe will be adjusted based on their rarity. The lower the rarity, the higher the experience they will get. Finally, the stamina in the game will get a boost from 50 to 99.

All of these changes have been requested by fans, so it’s clear that Nintendo is listening to them, as they know doubt want Fire Emblem Heroes to be successful for as long as possible.

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