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Fire Emblem Heroes Brings More Sacred Stones Characters!

by on August 14, 2017

What will the next Focus Group be in Fire Emblem Heroes? Can we get more characters from Sacred Stones?

One of the biggest things that Fire Emblem Heroes has going for it is that they have numerous worlds, via numerous games, to pull characters from into summoning groups. However, players have noticed that some games have very few characters from them. Take for example Sacred Stones. The popular Fire Emblem title at present has only its Lords in the game, Ephraim and Eirika. Now, a Grand Hero Battle will bring villain Valter to the mix, but that’s still not a lot.

However, Nintendo has revealed today that four more characters from Sacred Stones are coming to Fire Emblem Heroes. And some of them are fan-favorites.

Amelia, Seth, Innes, and Tana are about to make their grand debut! Check out the video below:

This will be the first time Sacred Stones gets a dedicated Focus Group, and it’ll no doubt make fans very happy. The group will be on from the 15th until the 31st. So if you want to summon these characters, be sure to save up your Orbs.

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