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Fire Emblem Echoes Gets New Details On Characters

by on March 15, 2017

Fire Emblem Echoes is the remake/update of Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second game in the franchise, and one that only released in Japan. Now, it’s coming to the US and the world at large, and it’ll feature not only an upgrade in visuals both in-game and in cutscenes, but other features as well.

In an issue of Famitsu, many characters and systems were outlined. Here is how they break down.

Berkut (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki)

– Emperor Rigel’s nephew
– Aristocrat that places great importance on social status
– Guided the coup d’etat in Zofia by luring Desaix into betraying, and such

Effie (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

– Alm’s childhood friend
– Joins the liberation army wit the sole thought of wanting to be by Alm at all times
– Starting class: “Villager”

Silque (CV: Yuka Inokuchi)

– Was saved by Alm after being imprisoned by bandits
– Entrusts her with a royal treasure called “Mila’s Gear”
– Starting class: Sister


– Choose between “Normal” and “Hard” when first starting
– Can also choose battle rules between “Classic” that has perma-deaths after battles and “Casual” that allows any fallen characters to revive once back on the map
– Royal Treasure “Mila’s Gear”: special item for battles to rewind the movement of a unit
– Mila’s Gear has limited uses
– Since there is no weapon affinity in the game, topography effects are crucial
– Ex: if you try to hit a character in a forest, accuracy lowered by 40%
– Magic ignores topography
– Magic uses HP

All this and more will be revealed and playable when Fire Emblem Echoes arrives on Nintendo 3DS May 19th.

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