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Bioware Already Thinking Of Ways To Improve Mass Effect Andromeda!

by on March 22, 2017

Mass Effect Andromeda officially released to the world yesterday, and with it, came praises, but also criticisms. While it’s natural for a game to have bugs of some kind at launch, some criticisms were over the characters themselves.

Specifically, players are having issues with the “odd facial animations”, as well as the lack of character customization that the previous Mass Effect titles didn’t seem to have a problem with.

In regards to the animations, Lead Design Ian S. Frazier said on Twitter, “we’re looking at patching lots of issues and want to strongly support the game moving forward. I can’t say more just yet.”

Two people asked him about the character customizations, and here are his responses:

“Can’t promise anything yet,” said Frazier, “but we’re currently evaluating various options for making it better.” He also said, “No promises, but I’ve got it on a list of things we’re looking at potentially fixing/adding for character creation.”

So, Mass Effect Andromeda may be getting fixes soon, though it’s entirely unclear as to when.

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