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Bethesda Owner Zenimax Wins Big Lawsuit Against Facebook And Oculus!

by on February 1, 2017

Today, a Texas court ruled that Oculus (the VR company behind the Oculus Rift), along with Facebook, broke an NDA that they signed with Zenimax, the owners of Bethesda, and were awarded $500 million dollars for this transgression.

But, Zenimax isn’t done, they’re considering filing for an injunction that could prevent the Oculus Rift from being sold at all. They released a statement to IGN stating this:

“We will consider what further steps we need to take to ensure there will be no ongoing use of our misappropriated technology, including by seeking an injunction to restrain Oculus and Facebook from their ongoing use of computer code that the jury found infringed ZeniMax‚Äôs copyrights.”

Whether this happens or not is another matter. But for now, this is a huge win for Zenimax. And a big blow for Oculus.

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