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Bethesda Explains Why They Now Support Nintendo Via The Switch

by on April 22, 2018

Why is Bethesda making games for the Nintendo Switch? Are they happy with the results so far?

Bethesda surprised a lot of people when they revealed that the Nintendo Switch would be getting three titles of theirs, two of which have already come out. Yet, some are curious as to why they’re supporting the publisher now and not before with other systems. Well, Pete Hines spoke to Game Reactor about this:

Why did we do it? I’d like to think it’s because that’s part of who we are. We do take chances and do things that other folks don’t. We do VR, and we’ll do a smaller-scope thing like Doom VFR, but we’ll also do a couple hundred hours in a Skyrim or Fallout. There’s nobody else doing hundreds of hours of content in a VR game, but we thought it was a cool opportunity and something that would find an audience, and I think we find that to be the same with Switch. A game like Doom or Skyrim or Wolf II that there is an audience for those games on those consoles. We’ve seen that so far. Nintendo’s been really pleased obviously, and we didn’t have a crystal ball to know, ‘Oh this will definitely their best-selling thing’, but we saw it early, we felt like there was something we could support and our games would resonate, and they have, and obviously Nintendo’s crushing it with their hardware sales which is great.”

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