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Battle Champs Being Made By JRPG Legends

by on July 18, 2016

When it comes to famous developers of Japanese RPG’s, the names Akihiko Yoshida and Hitoshi Sakimoto will eventually come into the conversation, as they have helped draw, design, and compose many games across the decades. Including Final Fantasy titles, Vagrant Story, and more.

Now, they’re teaming up once again with CyDesignation to make a new mobile title called Battle Champs. And as Akihiko notes, the process of Battle Champs was very simple:

“I was just starting at CyDesignation doing a different project,” Sakimoto tells IGN, “but they said that – well hey, we’ve got this other game that’s really interesting. We’ll give you free reign over it and you can do pretty much whatever you want with the art direction. There were people who were there originally and they had a vision for what the world was supposed to be, but it was overlapping quite a bit with what I had already done previously… so I was very selfish and decided that I was going to suggest various different changes from what it originally was, and they went along with that.”

The game is a Clash of Clans type of title, but with Japenese influence and nuance. In fact, so detailed and dedicated were they to making the game, they had the entire studio help playtest it.

“At the end of the dev period we had everybody who was involved in making Battle Champs debug the game,” he continues. “Everyone test-played it, and this includes Mr Yoshida, and actually, he spent a long time playing the game at the end, giving us feedback on game balance, and all of these things, and we took his feedback and implemented that back into the game.”

The game is not dated for release.

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