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Aika Online Global Goes to Open Beta Today

by on November 10, 2023

The makeover of Aika Online, Aika Online Global, hits the gaming community today with it first open beta. The game is being produced under a partnership featuring developer HanbitSoft and publisher CBM Games.

After a short delay, the open beta test will be running until November 16th. Players can jump in today at 7:00 PM ET. The team hopes to enlist as many players as possible on board to participate in standard environmental probings. This includes:

  • to test the server’s stability,
  • infrastructure compliance,
  • and gameplay speed and compatibility.

As an added bonus, the team has provided some currency to those who pre-registered before the open beta, so they can test out the cash shop before the release.

In Aika Online Global, players compete in a PvP-focused faction war with several classes and other classic PvP MMORPG features. This is just one of several new relaunches targeting a global audience with classic MMORPG elements.

Notably, in the long run, CBM plans to release the game with a level cap of 99. However, they are tweaking the game to make sure the global release is of optimum quality

Nonetheless, in the event that you choose to participate in the open beta, you should expect that your data will be erased. This will include character names and any currency that you may have acquired. This is standard for beta tests, although some games have made exceptions.

Aika’s open beta is now available until next week.¬† If you’ve never played it before or have already tried it and are looking to see how it is now. Helping them achieve perfection is as commendable as it can be. You can start here at the ¬†Aika Online Global website.

.The game was originally published by gPotato in the late 2000s. When the company shut down, the game was picked up by T3Fun, which developed it until it shut down in 2021.

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