Zenith VR MMORPG Developer Livestream Q&A | THE VR MMO TO WATCH

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Aug 12, 2019 at 7:17 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
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Welcome To Zenith
Get ready to start your new life as an anime hero alongside countless others in an evolving, player driven world. Zenith is a VR MMORPG inspired by our favorite animes and JRPGs, where millions of people can play, socialize, and create their own unique experience together.
Fight, craft, explore, and live in the first cross platform VR MMORPG. Forge alliances and friendships in guilds and parties. Participate in epic raids and world events, or go solo become a powerful beater whose deeds will be forever immortalized in a world that will be as important as the real one.

Dynamic Living World
We want your life in Zenith to feel as visceral as your real life. That's why we've invested so much time and energy into crafting the environment to be visually striking, and beautiful.
We're partnering with Improbable and using Spatial OS, the worlds most advanced MMORPG platform, which will enable us to create huge, dynamic, open worlds.
In addition, to powering huge worlds, the platform will enable previously impossible things in an MMORPG, like real physics, complex AI, and a landscape that evolves and is shaped by players and NPCs alike. We have plans to fully utilize Spatial OS for features like conquerable player settlements, crafting, and customizable player housing. Zenith will also feature a large, open world, with no loading screens.

Class and Character Customization
Play your character exactly as you want. Instead of the typical holy trinity of Tank, DPS, and Healer, every class in Zenith can become each role, depending on which skills you equip.
Want to play the role of a paladin? Or maybe a mage tank? The choice is yours!
Customize the way your character looks with a variety of different facial features in game, and of course, Zenith will feature full body avatars and animations. None of the floaty heads and hands typically seen in VR games.
Even change the way you sound, so you can really roleplay who you want to be using voice modulation and filters.

Choose your Own Adventure: https://zenithmmo.itch.io/transmission-1
Medium/Dev Blog:https://medium.com/zenithvr/
Contact: andy@ramenvr.com /Discord: youtnodknoem#8638


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