The Storyteller: SKYRIM S1 E5 - Gods of Old

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Oct 15, 2015 at 11:21 PM
Posted by Todd Black
Something to do while we wait for Elder Scrolls VI (New episodes every other Wednesday)
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The Elder Scrolls is an RPG set in the mythical and magical land of Tamriel, filled with unique races, magics and stories. Join our mysterious Storyteller as he takes us on a journey of thievery and mischief with his companion and delves into the lore of Mundus.

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~ This episode used these outstanding mods ~
- Molag Bal's Inferno by Association of Radical Skyrim Engineers - ARSE |

- Tru3Magics Light Elven Armor Retexture by Tru3Magic |

- Dovahkiin Netherscale Armor by Piyarz |

- |Avatar of Balthazar by newermind43 |

- Konahriks Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory by Edhelsereg |

- Divine Talos Statue - HD 2K and Ultra-HD 4K Texture by skyrimaguas and jeclxohko | Divine Talos Statue - HD 2K and Ultra-HD 4K Texture at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

- More Dramatic Alduin Retexture by lightningo |

- The Draugr Retexture by Andre7890 |
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