New World Play Smarter, Not Harder - Craft, Refine, Dominate!

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Sep 20, 2021 at 4:43 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
New World Resources Profession & Crafting guide. Beginners / endgame players need to focus on refining. For gear score, dungeons, professions & more. New World is a very unique mmo in the sense that it rewards all aspects of play including pvp, pve, crafting, and social influence! Not everyone has 15 hours a day to play this game so this guide goes out to my friends and people hard working at their jobs who may only have a few hours a day to play! I will show you how to keep up and even get ahead of the 1% sweaty try hard players that will be dumping all nighters and breathing the game! We will talk about economic power in the game with gold and crafting / profession resources, especially those that are time gated and generate potential best in slot items!

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Resources used: NWDB
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0:00 - Intro and Breakdown
2:32 - Early Game Advantage Iron Rawhide Herbs
3:43 - Buy Order and Region Markets
5:31 - Hard Professions Jewelry Trophies
6:39 - Outplay the 1% Time Gated Materials Runestone
10:36 - 595-600 BIS Item Time Gates
13:27 - Economic Value
14:35 - Legendary Gathering Materials
17:10 - Leveling The Playing Field / Summary

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