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Nov 18, 2022 at 6:45 PM
Posted by Zedd
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Do you miss old school MMORPG design? back in the days where cooperating with other players was necessary to progression and the entire game was impossible to solo? Did you enjoy the likes of Everquest, Ultima Online and Project Gorgon? Are you excited for Pantheon Rise of the fallen?
If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the game we’re going to be talking about in this video is likely to be right up your ally.
Embers Adrift, This brand new MMORPG offers a modern take on old school MMO design with good graphics, a meaningful crafting system in which you cannot master everything, strategic tab targeting combat and an immersive world in which navigation is part of the gameplay due to there being no traditional MMO map that shows where you are at all times…
Embers Adrift started its development back in 2014 as Saga Of Lucimia later rebranding to Embers Adrift in 2021, from the outset this game was designed to be a highly social group based PVE MMO with no microtransactions, old school game, old school business model with a box cost + subscription fee.

What do you think about the new old school mmo Embers Adrift? is this the kind of MMO you've been waiting for? is this comparable to something like pantheon rise of the fallen? let me know in the comments below!

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Embers Adrift Website Description

No quest hubs. No mini-maps. No railroads. Experience an ever-expanding world of adventure.

Overcoming impossible challenges is a feeling like no other and there is something even greater about doing it with friends and allies.
Come make memories to share around the ember ring!

Blaze a path through untamed forests; forge into cavernous depths; become a light in the dark. Join our ranks to see what awaits across a new horizon


Experts at making and balancing metal weapons. Whether you're looking for lighter one-handed weapons for quick and deadly work or two-handed weapons for heavily smashing, crushing, and cleaving foes, Weaponsmiths excel at creating both categories of these implements of warcraft. If you're looking for little daggers and knives, however, see a Tinkerer.

The woodworker excels at taking refined wood and shaping it into implements of war such as bows and crossbows (including their missiles),
staves, wooden shields, and battle banners.

When you are unable to defend against a multitude of attacks coming at you, you will need sturdy armor to protect you. Turn to the Armorsmith who can fashion refined metals into excellent, form-fitting, armor pieces as well as shields.

Proficient at crafting the finest lighter leather armors that keep you moving with alacrity as well as in tailoring clothing that is fashionable, functional, and fits well under any pieces of armor you may wear. Look to Outfitters for clothing and leather armor as you head into the north.

A true contributor to all Newhaveners. Provisioners make delightful foods and drinks as well as effective potions to help you survive.
Not only that, but they provide gatherers with the tools they need to gather and refine all the supplies a crafter might need.

Tinkerers excel at crafting the finer parts of an adventurers kit. If you needs jewelry, daggers, or throwing knives Tinkerers are the ones to see.

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New PVE MMORPG - Embers Adrift
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