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Feb 8, 2023 at 3:36 PM
Posted by Zedd
2022 has been a year of MMORPG for this channel and I've gathered a list of the newest mmorpg released this year. Not all of the new mmorpgs of 2022 is on the video and instead I will be putting some here in the description. If you are interested in any of the mmorpg shown in the video, there will be links here in the description, Enjoy!

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Flyff Universe Video
Broken Ranks Video
Noah's heart Video
Arcane Waters Video
Summoners War: Chronicles Video
Aero Tales Online Video
Ragnarok V: Returns Video
Tower of Fantasy Video
Digimon Super Rumble Video (became region locked)
Diablo Immortal Video
TRAHA Global Video
Summoners War: Chronicles Video
Stalcraft Video
Ragnarok Begins Video

0:00 - new mmorpg released in 2022
0:17 - flyff universe
1:05 - broken ranks
1:46- noah's heart
2:40- arcane waters
3:18- summoners war chronicles
4:11- aero tales online
5:12- ragnarok v returns
5:55- tower of fantasy
6:33- digimon super rumble
7:50- diablo immortal
8:43- traha global
10:05- ni no kuni crossworlds
10:46- stalcraft
11:32- ragnarok begins

other new mmorpgs
Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak
Cinderstone Online
Dual Universe
fractured Online

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