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Jan 10, 2023 at 8:42 PM
Posted by Zedd
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Nobody wants to play a dead game and that’s even more true when it comes to MMORPGs as half of the content in these games straight up don’t exist if there’s not players to group up with or compete against, So in this video we’re going to list the Most Played MMORPGs going into 2023, the MMOs that receive the most updates and are most likely going to maintain a solid population throughout the year.

For this video I WILL NOT be using any of the data from the website as this has to be one of the most misleading websites I’ve ever seen and the data makes no sense, look here for example, this donkey website says Ashes Of Creation has 30k daily players when the game literally isn’t playable, It says New World has between 250 and 450k daily players when we can see the data on Steam Charts that it’s nowhere near this number.

Most MMOs don’t actually disclose player numbers so I’ll be using various other metrics to help me rank the games in this list, The most important thing though is that all the games mentioned in this video have a large enough population size for you to fully experience the game, join guilds and beat the content.

What do you think about the current most popular most played MMORPG games going into 2023 Do the MMOs on this list deserve their popularity? let me know in the comments below!

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Most Played MMORPGs 2023 MMO list

Nobody Wants To Play A Dead MMO 0:00
SWTOR 2:37
EVE Online 3:50
Runescape 3 4:46
Guild Wars 2 5:50
New World 7:11
Elder Scrolls Online 8:34
Old School Runescape 9:57
Albion Online 11:15
Black Desert Online 12:59
Lost Ark 14:25
Final Fantasy XIV 16:12
World Of Warcraft 18:20
Does any of this REALLY matter? 19:49

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Most Played MMORPGs 2023
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