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Aug 19, 2019 at 5:49 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Hello everyone. It is time for us to quest into my favorite Doom game in the Doom franchise of all time, what may be the most underplayed or shown one of them all, Doom 64. This game for the N64 port gives the story a nice push as even after your valorous attempts to finally cease the demons once and for all, a super powerful entity resurrects all of those you disposed, and they certainly want to have their chance to sink their claws, teeth, and fiery fireballs into you. This version is different than the real Nintendo 64, as this is the EX version for the computer. Main differences? Prettier lighting and graphics and much more customization in terms of options, but mainly the same. I hope you all enjoy! Tyrantking10 will be certainly catering to those who like or remember the old videos, and being informative enough for those new.

In our first episode, we start off away simple and sweet explaining all the differences of this version and the regular 64 version (I also forget to comment that there is a much better save system to this.) And with that we head straight off into oh so much oodles and noodles of nostalgia. Those who remember the really early days of my LP-ing knows how poor the quality is compared to now and days. Lets see how this turns out with everything loved before the same, and everything that can be improved is and will be. Enjoy!

((I own no ownership of any rights of the franchise, partnerships, or game itself. This is ONLY a entertainment commentary walkthrough)

Question of the Video
What was your first Doom game? And what really got you to like/love the series if you do?

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