FINALLY The Crew 2 Fixed This MAJOR PROBLEM! | Racing Games 2021

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May 6, 2022 at 10:35 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Ivory Tower and The Crew 2 the other day announced that This Major Issue, along with some more problems in The Crew 2 Fixed. Ivory Tower and The Crew 2 Fixed a few problems with The Crew 2 in 2021 that severely affected Gameplay. These new quality of life updates will fix and address The Summit Rewards on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Google Statia. The Crew 2 in 2021 will also now give you more rewards and money for completeing summit events. Also, The Crew 2 Fixed glitches that allowed people to utilize Shortcuts and cut many of the tracks in The Crew 2. You can literally google "The Crew 2 Shortcuts" and you can find out just how broken Many of the Street Races in The Crew 2 were before The Crew 2 Fixed them. The Crew 2 in 2021 map checkpoints will be updated on Most of the Racing Events in the Game.

Th Crew 2 customization also got an update, with several new free Vanity tires coming to The Crew 2 in 2021, along side TC2 loot and parts beign updated as well. This new Update also allows you to Transfer Parts Profiles to other vehicles with ease!

The Crew 2 Fixed a lot of Bugs and Problems that the game has had for years now. Many of these issues have been issues since The Crew 1 days. And have not been fixed until 2021. many of the Problems in The Crew 2 have still not been fixed despite being several years old at this point. But Hey, Better Late Then never?

The Crew 2 2021 Quality of Life Update:

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