Fallout 4- Far Harbor Playthrough part 17- Visions in the Fog

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Jul 9, 2016 at 12:07 AM
Posted by Todd Black
Fallout 4 Far Harbor Playthrough: Part 17- Visions in the Fog

We kill a lot of supermutants at the start here as I make my way to the children of the atom. Unfortunately, I aggroed them and we had to start over. I met a fogcrawler in doing so. After talking to Grand Zealot Richter, we start the Visions in the Fog quest, where I am sent to Atom's Spring, and we drink from it, and go on a wee trip. The Mother of the Fog appears to us and directs us to a building where we must retrieve and idol. We then return to Richter, and he welcomes us.

Holotapes and Notes:

Unique Weapons:

Vim Power Armor

I hope you enjoy the episode :)

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