Embers Adrift MMO Sneak Peak at New April Patch Update

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Apr 27, 2023 at 3:37 PM
Posted by Zedd
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Embers Adrift is an Indie MMORPG that is out now, that has been pumping out monthly updates that puts other MMO Studios to shame. Today, we're going to be talking about the upcoming patch coming here at the end of April, and it's got a lot to show off.
You may be aware that the premium dungeon Forgotten Depths released a couple of months ago, and the developers took me and some other streamers on a tour of it, the video is up here on the channel and it was awesome. Well phase 2 of the dungeon which expands it and adds a whole new level to it is about to hit the server of Embers Adrift and you are looking at new clips of it. This will add a huge explorable new area to this already massive dungeon and give you even more places to level and get experience.
And it's not just new space, there's new mobs too, such as these Shriekers that were shared with me so I could show to you, these are brand new mobs being added to the game and I absolutely love the way they look. On top of the mobs they had just added, Embers Adrift just keeps getting better every single month.
And also, there are updates coming here on April 25th's patch for combat and gameplay, and the new zone Grimstone is going into phase 2 with more content and upgrades as well. This zone was just added a few months ago, and although I got to sneak in to check it out on a livestream, it's too high level for me at this time to survive in there for long, but you can expect tons of great camp spots, quests and adventure for higher level characters, and after April 25th, it will contain even more surprises and performance upgrades.
This upcoming Embers Adrift update patch will be live on April 25th and I'm excited to dive in and see what they have in store for us, of course, I still need a few more levels to finally start diving in and exploring the Forgotten Depths, but I'm almost there! The twisting, turning halls of the Forgotten Depths certainly feel like a place where we are going to learn more about what is going on in the world, and it's our first peak into their upcoming Alchemy system which will be the window in which Embers Adrift unlocks Magic abilities.
If you haven't given Embers Adrift a chance yet, I highly recommend that you click the links I have below and give it a shot, it's only $29.99 U.S. and comes with 30 days of playtime. I've been recommending this game a lot and it's for good reason : The classic MMORPG game loop and progression is an absolute blast. It's tab-target strategic combat that requires groups to work together and pick and choose ability layouts to compensate for what classes they have in the group. Hunting down named mobs for loot, a ton of dungeons to learn, a world that doesn't hold your hand but treats you like a grown-up, zones that require exploration without GPS leading you by the nose, quests that you must go out and find and figure out, an awesome community that helps new players and a development team that is passionate and pushing out content updates month over month that is just packing their world full of new zones, dungeons, mobs, performance updates, and amazing new features.
Embers Adrift recently added the GEL system to make it easier to group with people that are higher level than you are, meaning it will push your level upwards of 5 levels if someone in your group is higher level than you are. This made it easier and smoother to group with your friends, and there is a Looking For Group tool that allows others to find you if you need a group without having to spam the LFG channel, but it doesn't auto group you or sling you into some instance.
Embers Adrift has a world that is completely public, meaning all of these places and these dungeons are open, meaning you will see anyone else who is there, no instancing here unless it has to open a new pick due to overwhelming amounts of players.
The new patch coming on April 25th is planned to add Phase 2 to Forgotten Depths, phase 2 to the Grimstone zone, new mobs, more content and this is just another month for the small indie development studio Stormhaven Studios, they just keep pumping out new, big, massive patches into Embers Adrift that have turned this MMO from a game that I thought was pretty cool and had potential, into an MMORPG world that is exciting and is now my main MMO to play every single day.

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