DOOM: SLAYER'S RAMPAGE & Brutal Doom 64 Levels [100% SECRETS]

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Aug 20, 2019 at 4:30 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
SLAYER'S RAMPAGE is a mod for Doom that grants you a fast gameplay with a more arcade feeling than Brutal Doom or Project Brutality. Because I forgot to run the game with BD64 music, I asked Mike Norvak to use his Reduked:Deluxe tracks so here they are. Doomslayer is way faster and can jump very long distances, you pick up the RAGE points when eliminating enemies, giving you the possibility to morph. In Slayer's Rampage there is also no reloading (except pump action or super shotguns), so you can quickly switch the weapons whenever you want, quite nice for combos. Your basic pistol has got an infinite ammo, it's a semi-automatic pistol so your rate of fire depends on how fast you click the fire button :). You can also notice that you have tons of ammunition in your backpack - 700 rounds for your Minigun, 200 rockets, 100 Shotgun Shells and 600 Cells and some Magnum Rounds. As for the weapons, you have 3 shotguns - first is the classic Pump-Action Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun and Super Shotgun. Both Pump and Automatic Shotguns can use the ADS for better precision when shooting, Super Shotgun special can fire a one shell when using Right Mouse Button. Your Minigun can have 700 rounds after picking a backpack, these are EXPLOSIVE ROUNDS that have no problems with taking down even groups of Barons of Hell. The Rocket Launcher has an alternate fire mode that shoots grenades in a very rapid succession, strangely these grenades are much more powerful than rockets. UAC Plasma Generator is the only weapon in arsenal that can overheat, so there is no possibility to use all cells in one click - however this weapon has no problems with taking down big groups of smaller or medium enemies. Some monsters here behave much faster than before, for example the Pain Elementals seem to spawn Lost Souls faster than before.

00:00 - Holding Area
04:36 - Tech Center
13:54 - Alpha Quadrant
25:12 - Research Labs
32:20 - Final Outpost
39:04 - Even Simpler

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