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Aug 20, 2019 at 3:38 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Is this DOOM or the new Mirrors Edge? With all these insane parkour skills I honestly can't tell

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Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Couch Potatoes! Today ThatGuyBarney and RedVacktor are continuing on their Doom Let’s Play right where they left off: failing. They have to rework their way through the level on account of Red’s having died last time, and Barney starts out with the controller. It doesn’t take long for Barney to mess up in the form of straight dying when he encounters a demon with a shield that causes damage to Barney when he shoots it. Red takes the controller and returns to the spot of Barney’s downfall – Barney reminds him that he has a grenade and it will help him, at which point Red promptly throws his grenade at the wall, where it does not help him. Upon encountering ol’ Shield Demon, Red shoots the shield and dies, Barney vows not to waste his grenade, and then he follows through. Barney and Red decide they could easily survive the alien zombie apocalypse (and that it would also make a great movie), then they reach their next upgrade and, after Red has a brief breakdown, they choose health. They go on to level four and Red takes the controller – he promptly makes a fool of himself, but he survives and that’s what counts I guess. A little bit of parkour later, Red gets back on the right track. Red finds a dead body, rips its arm off, and stows it away for later – as one does – then he gets right back in to making a fool of himself and messes up his parkour again, which puts him back where he started. He parkours his way back to the top, and…falls again. Once he finally gets where he’s supposed to be, Red upgrades his gun to have a micro missile attachment. He upgrades his armor next, then navigates a confusing series of passageways until he finally reaches a checkpoint. Unfortunately, he has to deal with a swarm of demons before the checkpoint activates, and the battle proves too much for him. That’s it for this Couch Potatoes episode of Doom – thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!
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