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Aug 20, 2019 at 3:47 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Doom4Doom or simply D4D is a mod that changes every aspect in Doom. All of the Doom 4 weapons are ready, together with ALL of the upgrades that can be bought from the special menu for the money that you get from killing monsters and finding secrets. All pickup sprites are in form of voxels and in first person view together with upgrades - they've been made from scratch by Neccronixis. Ammunition is rather scarce and at the beginning you won't have much time to run flawlessly without looking at ammo counter. Also, all of the monsters have been replaced or added new variants with new behaviour. For example, Pinky demons are much more deadly because they can leap from great distances towards the target and they really need to be taken care of quickly.

And remember - before you play the game, you must look at the mod's menu. You must turn off port's initial crosshair and bind some keys like throwing grenades, changing weapon mods or activating upgrades menu. Same goes with other changes like monster spawning or even binding any single weapon to any key (what is useful because there are lots of weapons under one key from 1 to 8). As for the difficulty... ultra violence is really hard, don't expect to rush it like in vanilla Doom I or Doom II.

00:00 - The Lords
03:30 - Sneak Peak
12:55 - Walk in the Park
18:19 - Subverted Base
21:21 - Power Outage
27:54 - Blood Bath
34:25 - I Dunno Torn

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