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Jan 2, 2020 at 9:52 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Join co-founder and creative director, J. Todd Coleman, and Design Director, Thomas Blair as they share insights on the state of the game, share information on new features coming soon and answer player questions. This week they give an update on some changes coming in the “War of the Gods” (Update 5.110). New to Crowfall? Crowfall delivers an innovative style of a completely dynamic MMO world with competitive ‘Throne War’ PvP gameplay - you can win! ArtCraft Entertainment has adopted a transparent development process to ensure quality, founded on ongoing player access and feedback - an integral part of the brand’s DNA. True to its mission, Crowfall, in partnership with player-backers, is building the first Throne War MMO that offers players the ability to join massive factional battles where strategy and survival are key as players compete to earn glory, wealth and power fighting for their gods in an unholy bond - eternal life for eternal service. Watch the livestream to get a first-hand look at the latest features and what’s coming next for this exciting Throne War game, you can WIN!
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