BRUTAL DOOM 2016 Weapons v2 + Starter Pack #4

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Aug 20, 2019 at 3:41 AM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
Brutal Doom 2016/Doom 4 weapons addon for the Brutal Doom v20b has got a small update yesterday with multiple new things added. As for now you can dual wield most of the weapons - from the basic blasters, through super shotguns, repeaters, assault rifles, plasma guns to rocket launchers! Yes, you can wield both of them at the same time and fire rockets at poor demons, however it comes with a price of poor accuracy. The second update is about the Demon Rune - together to the Baron Of Hell, there is also a possibility to be transformed into Revenant. The Revenant has got 300HP opposed to the Baron's 1000 but it's faster and can unleash a deadly barrage of splash rockets at enemies. There is also a new weapon for the Doom 2016/4 - Vortex Rifle, it's an energetic sniper rifle but quite weak to be honest opposed to the Plasma Rifle or even better, the Gauss Cannon. Other smaller changes include a faster rate of fire of Chaingun and faster reloading for both Shotguns.

00:00 - Necropolis
05:21 - Cathedral
19:56 - Sacrificial Grounds
36:56 - Bloodfalls
48:00 - Devil's Domain

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