Anita Sarkeesian Attacks Fallout 4 and DOOM 4

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Aug 19, 2019 at 5:48 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
AlphaOmegaSin is enjoying E32015 quite a bit but it seems an Anita Sarkeesian Rant is in order. Heck this time we even get to toss in a Josh McIntosh Rant for good measure since they both decided to attack Bethesda over the violence in DOOM 4 & Fallout 4. Both the DOOM 4 Gameplay Trailer & Fallout 4 Gameplay Trailer at E3 2015 were amazing but, it seems they believe anyone who enjoys them has a screw loose and that this kind of content should cease to be. So let's see why the minds behind Feminist Frequency are wrong for this attack of theirs on Bethesda.

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