AION 7.0 – Feature Trailer: The Legacy of the Painter

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Jul 24, 2019 at 7:54 PM
Posted by HarleyQuinn
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On the Day of the Storm chaos broke out anew in Atreia and countless Painters gave their lives saving innocents. Now the time has come to honour these heroes: the specialisation to Painter is now officially recognised in Atreia.

The Daeva are assisting the Stella Corporation in Dumaha to open up the lands and to bring it back to its former glory. Yet the Snuwa, who have established their altars there, will not let it go without a fight!

On top of this, outlaws have made their way into the Stella Development Laboratory and are causing chaos. It seems that some of the substances in the lab have made the rogues lose their minds. It is now up to the Daeva to get the situation back under control.


• A splash of colour: choose the new class specialisation for the Artist, swing your mighty Paint Rings as a Painter and give Atreia a new lick of paint – colourful action guaranteed!

• A brand new PvE instance complete with exciting missions awaits in the Stella Development Laboratory. You’ll get the chance to really take it to your enemies twice a day and in doing so, collect some amazing rewards!

• Want to test yourself against other players? Then head into Altar Siege Battle in Dumaha and challenge yourself in thrilling PvP fights or show your foes what you can do in the Gold Arena.

• The new 7.0 update will also allow you to strengthen your heroes with new transformation items – simply unbeatable!

Play AION – The Legacy of the Painter now and face your destiny!
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