River of Fate Constants Crash no solution...

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion & Support' started by Tindalos, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Sep 2, 2014
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    Hi comrades! :) As in the title, when there is a vision with shadow falling into the fire with train, then Chan catches me and we both jump into the fire, then we
    "emerge" form the water and ALWAYS at this point my game just freezes, unable to click, alt+tab - nothing, my screen just turns off and I have to hard reset my pc. Never happened before, got no issues till this point, i run steam integrity, restarted chapter, changed resolution.. just nothing seems to work.. I even unplugged my headset cause i heard someone was lucky with this... but not for me :( I run game on i5, radeon hd mobility 1 bg and 4 gb of ram - physx disabled. Please PLEASE help me I wans to beat this game and i was looking for solution for couple of hours without any result.. if nothing works then mayby someone can send me savegame file where it's saved right after this broken part, i mean autosave not next champet cause I want to beat it myself.. thanks in advance..
  2. Komodo Saurian

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    I've sent a report on this to 4A. I'll leave a message when they release the next patch.