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    A thread in which you can tell us all about the games you played in your early childhood (e.g. when you were 0-10 years old). You can also add in any funny or otherwise interesting anecdotes that make you feel nostalgic about your early gaming days. With any luck, this new thread will add a bit of activity to the forum where we can all act like teary-eyed old men/women. :lol: You list as many or as few games as you like.

    I personally don't really have any fascinating stories, but I guess one interesting part of my childhood "gaming" is that many of the games I played back then were released sometime before I was born (before the mid-90s). This is because most of the time we did not have a computer/console or internet connection at home (or lived at relatives' or occasionally friends' houses), so the only times I really got to play games often were at school (very old PC games or emulators of even older consoles).

    At my Polish primary school, I often stayed at a place called the świetlica because my parents worked long hours. The staff who looked after us did not let us play outside for very long since it was a lot of effort to look after all the kids and was only more difficult in an open area (though into the later hours of the opening times I would be one of the few kids left, so in the summer evenings they'd let us out more often). Fortunately, along with a bunch of board games, inside the building they had some computers. They would let us play for a while; we usually had access only to fairly old games like:

    BurgerTime (1982) - by Data East, this is actually an arcade game, so I'm quite sure the version I played was one of the later ports (but not sure which one exactly as there were plenty).

    Bomberman (1990) - by Hudson Soft, released in Europe as Dyna Blaster

    Ski or Die (1990) - by Electronic Arts, I remember having a hard time even launching this game at first because I knew no English and the menu screen made no sense to me

    Lemmings (1991) - by DMA Design (now Rockstar North)

    Supaplex (1991) - by Think!Ware Development

    Prehistorik (1991) - by Titus Interactive

    Ugh! (1992) - by Bones Park Software Artistic

    Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy (1992) - by Loriciels

    Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge (1993) - by Magnetic Fields

    Duke Nukem 3D (1996) - As far as I remember, this was probably the newest game I got to play at the school świetlica. I remember this was one of the first games that really impressed me with its graphics. I'm quite sure it found its way onto the school computers via my older brother and his friends. Eventually it was removed when the świetliczanki (women who looked after children at the świetlica) realised how inappropriate the game was. :lol: This is one of the very few 1990s shooters that I can boast about playing only a few years after release, as unfortunately I do not think I played any of the Doom or Dark Forces games until just a few years ago (though I may have seen someone play Doom I or II back then during an IT class).

    There was one other game that I played at school a few times but outside of the świetlica, which was during an IT class, that game being Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) by Rockstar North. It was one of the prettiest looking games of my childhood (I played it a while after seeing Duke Nukem 3D for the first time) and one of the few (at that time) modern releases that I got to play not long after launch, most probably a pirated version as everyone just made copies from a colleague who brought the game files into school. Sadly, this did not last long either as teachers soon realised what was going on. :p I also tried some games for the original PlayStation (which was considered luxurious by Polish kids at the time as no one could really afford it) when at a friend's house, of which I remember best Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001) by Naughty Dog and Star Wars: Demolition (2000) by Luxoflux. Furthermore, I recall playing a few PC games at his house which were relatively new back then, those being the first two Fallout games (1997/1998) by Interplay and Black Isle Studios, Unreal Tournament (1999) by Epic Games and Digital Extremes, as well as one of my all-time favourites Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001) - all four of which I would later go on to buy in my early teenage years when I finally got my own computer.

    There were a few times when I got to play games outside of school grounds, for example when my father sometimes brought in his laptop from work or on the Macintosh computers that I got to use when I was at my grandma's house or taken to my mom's work. Back then I spent significantly more time with these games than with the ones I tried at my friend's house, just like with the świetlica games, so I will list them in similar fashion here:

    Civilization II (1996) - by MicroProse, this used to be one of my father's favourite pastimes. At first I remember I was afraid to touch it because I thought it was some horribly complicated game for adults, but eventually I tried it myself and many hours were put into it since whenever the laptop was at home again. ;)

    MDK (1997) - by Shiny Entertainment, a really advanced game for its time with some revolutionary gameplay elements and "Shiny" graphics too. :p

    Nanosaur (1998) - by Pangea Software, in which you got to play as a sentient raptor equipped with a jet pack and gun, sent from the future to save its species... must be one of the best Mac games ever made.

    Right, I could probably find a few more (and there's a bunch I remember but really can't recall their names), however that would make this thread even longer when it's already too large. I was initially just going to embed videos of 3 or 4 games from my childhood, but in the meantime got really carried away and ended up going on a helluva nostalgia trip. :laugh:
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    Most "old" games that I've played were mostly just car-games on Xbox, but I've got to admit that I did get that nostalgia feeling when I recently hooked it up to my TV and looked at all the pimped gangsta-cars I made many years ago, most of them looked horrible but I still remembered them :lol: (Need For Speed Underground 2)

    Other than that, I'd have to say Burnout, as it was the first game I got for the Xbox. I was 7 years old at that time, and I've been burning rubber ever since, both virtually and.... Well, let's leave that other part to the imagination :lol:
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    Bomberman, Lemmings, Ugh, Lotus, Duke Nukem 3d, Civilization, GTA, Unreal, Unreal: Tournament, Civilization and MDK are already in Bamul's post.

    On top of that I've played and loved, off the top of my head:

    Wolfenstein 3d, Doom 1, Doom 2, Quake 1, Quake 2, everybody knows these.


    Elder Scrolls: Arena and Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall


    Star Wars: Dark Forces and Star Wars: Dark Forces 2


    Resident Evil 1, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3



    Homeworld, it's soundtrack also introduced me to the band Yes.

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    I just remembered this thread and thought I'd post this here: I just searched up old Runescape soundtracks on youtube, and I think I'm dying inside :eek:
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    For me it was all ps1 and ps2 games in my early childhood so games like croc? Spyro, toy soldiers, all of the GTA games for those consoles, ghost recon (can't remember which but it was a gdn) conflict desert storm, conflict Vietnam, conflict global storm, shell shock nam 67,