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Blade and Soul

by skyrimadminon June 1, 2018
Become a warrior of legend as you journey across a breathtaking world where martial arts and mythology meet, seeking retribution against the malevolent forces that stand against you. As a promising student, you train your skills in the relative peace of the Hongmoon School; but peace won’t last forever. Your school is thrown into chaos […]
Blade & Soul - Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul’s Latest Expansion Launches Tomorrow! Get All the Details Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison March 22, 2016
NCSoft has officially revealed the next expansion for Blade & Soul with Silverfrost Mountains. You can check out the reveal trailer for the expansion below. Silverfrost Mountains launches tomorrow for the hit MMO game for Windows PC. Silverfrost Mountains features new zones, quests and end-game content for players. Players now have a higher level cap […]