Cyberpunk 2077

Could Cyberpunk 2077 Be Playable At E3 This Year?

by Todd Blackon January 17, 2018
When are we going to see more from Cyberpunk 2077? What does CD Projekt Red have planned? CD Projekt Red have made some of the best RPGs in recent memory, not to mention one of the most fun digital card games ever via GWENT. But, their next project, Cyberpunk 2077, hasn’t been seen or heard from […]
Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition On Sale For $60 On Amazon!

by Todd Blackon January 16, 2018
I want to get Fire Emblem Warriors, but is it worth it? Better yet, is there a sale for it? Fire Emblem Warriors was one of the big releases for the Nintendo Switch last year, but, its release timing was a bit wonky, as it came out a week before Super Mario Odyssey. So, many […]


Vampyr Webseries Gets Teaser!

by Todd Blackon January 15, 2018
What’s the story behind the Vampyr web series? What’s it entail? Vampyr is going to be a very unique RPG when it releases later this Spring. And to help build up the hype for it, developer DONTNOD is releasing a 4-part webseries to show off the characters and world of the game. They released a […]
The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You Coming To Switch

by Todd Blackon January 12, 2018
What’s this about The World Ends With You coming back? Is it really coming to Nintendo Switch? In 2007, a special game from Square Enix and developer Jupiter came out. It was called The World Ends With You, and it was something special. The game focused on a group of kids caught in a “Reaper’s Game”, where […]

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Update 4.2 Gets Screenshots

by Todd Blackon January 12, 2018
When’s the next Final Fantasy XIV update coming? What’s the new stuff going to look like? Square Enix is going to have a busy couple of weeks. On February 1st they’re releasing Final Fantasy XII on PC. A few days before that The Lost Sphear launches. And also around that time will come the next […]
Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo

Fire Emblem Heroes Bringing In Radiant Dawn Characters

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2018
When are we going to get some truly new characters in Fire Emblem Heroes this year? Maybe from a game we haven’t been to yet? Fire Emblem Heroes has had an interesting start to the year 2018. As it’s introduced some slight upgrades and had a Tempest Trial and a Voting Gauntlet. But for many […]

Eden's Last Sunrise

Tactical RPG Eden’s Last Sunrise Launches On Kickstarter

by Todd Blackon January 10, 2018
What’s an interesting game on Kickstarter right now? Any good RPGs on there? When it comes to crowdfunding websites, every new day brings something interesting for people to find and pledge to. Today, a fun tactical RPG title named Eden’s Last Sunrise launched. It aims to be a callback to the classic RPGs of old, […]
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Reveal Next Global Mission

by Todd Blackon January 9, 2018
Is there anything new to do in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon? A new battle or contest maybe? Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon have done well sales wise despite early controversies, and now, they’re working hard to ensure players stay active within the game. To that end, the third Global Mission has gone live, and […]

Fable 4

Fable 4 In Production? Studio Has Been Picked?

by Todd Blackon January 8, 2018
Is Fable coming back? If so, who would be making Fable 4? The original Fable games were a source of great curiosity and great controversy. On one hand, they were made by Peter Molyneux, and held great potential, especially after the success of the first one. However, with each new installment, the expectations and the […]

Overwatch League Details The Shanghai Dragons

by Todd Blackon January 5, 2018
Who are some of the teams we can see in the Overwatch League? What are they like? The Overwatch League™ is the world’s first full-blown professional esports league including teams representing major cities from around the world. It is also the first top-level esports tournament to feature home and away games. As the tournament and […]