Vampyr Has Sold Near Half A Million Copies

by Todd Blackon July 14, 2018
How well is Vampyr doing sales wise? Any hard numbers yet? Whenever a developer tries to go big on a title, there’s always a risk that no one will appreciate it and not buy it a result. For developer Dontnod, they took a big risk with their RPG Vampyr. With a dark story and setting, […]
Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Teasing Generation 4 Pokemon?

by Todd Blackon July 14, 2018
What’s Niantic teasing for Pokemon GO? Are they bringing Gen 4 to the game? Pokemon GO is celebrating 2 years of life, and what a two years they have been. Full of ups, downs, record highs, and record comebacks. But through it all, developer Niantic has worked on making the game bigger and better in […]

Project Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler Team Give Notes To Players On Launch Day!

by Todd Blackon July 14, 2018
How’s the Octopath Traveler feeling about the game’s launch? Any last words to gamers before they play? In terms of exclusivity, Octopath Traveler is by and large one of the most important games coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. And now, it has launched, and reviews are painting it as a masterful RPG with beautiful visuals, fun […]
Let's Go Pikachu Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu And Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Gets New Trailer

by Todd Blackon July 13, 2018
Any new looks at Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee? If so, what does it show off? Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee are two of the Nintendo Switch’s biggest titles this year, and Nintendo has slowly been showing off more and more of the game via pictures and trailers. One such trailer has just arrived, […]


Warframe Announced For Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon July 9, 2018
Could Warframe really be coming to the Nintendo Switch? Can we see it in action? The Nintendo Switch has been getting a lot of big 3rd party titles ported over to it in the last several months. And developer Panic Button has brought several of them over themselves. Now, they’ve revealed the hit co-op shooter, with […]
Mario & Luigi

Mario & Luigi Developers Working On Switch Title?

by Todd Blackon July 9, 2018
Could the Mario & Luigi games come to Switch? Will Alpha Dream still make them? The Mario & Luigi RPG titles have had their ups and downs over the years and video game generations. However, despite some of their failings, they’re still going strong. And Alpha Dream is working on a remake of their classic, Bowser’s Inside […]

Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 To Release This November

by Todd Blackon July 9, 2018
Any word on Darksiders 3? Anything on its release date? Darksiders 3 has been in a bit of limbo as of late. It was revealed last year to much praise, but then, developer THQ Nordic went silent. Soon after, word began to spread that they might delay the game to 2019, much like they did with […]
Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World PC Release Date Given

by Todd Blackon July 9, 2018
When is Monster Hunter World coming to PC? Has Capcom given any clues yet? Monster Hunter World is one of the biggest games to have released this year. However, despite its success, many have been patiently waiting to get the game on PC. But Capcom hadn’t given a release date for it, until now. For on […]

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Gets More Realistic AR Trailer

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2018
Is Niantic making any improvements to the AR for Pokemon GO? Can we see what they’re doing? Pokemon GO was revolutionary in many ways, including showing AR constructs of Pokemon in the real world, which people couldn’t help but take pictures with. But with the two year anniversary of the game coming, Niantic wanted to […]
Fallout 4

Bethesda Not Bringing Fallout 4 To Switch Just Yet

by Todd Blackon June 30, 2018
Is Fallout 4 ever coming to Nintendo Switch? What’s Bethesda got planned for the console? Since the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, many fans were thrilled to find out that Bethesda was going to be supporting the console. And as of today, they’ve put three games on the system, with a fourth coming out soon via […]