New Massive Update For Conan Exiles

by Todd Blackon October 11, 2018
Any new big content updates for Conan Exiles? What are they? Five months after the successful release on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 which saw Conan Exiles become the company’s bestselling and fastest-selling game ever, Funcom has released the biggest update since the game left Early Access. In this update, free for everyone who owns the […]

MapleStory 2 Has Officially Launched!

by Todd Blackon October 11, 2018
Where can you get Maple Story 2? What is the game about? The original MapleStory was one of the oddest success stories in the MMORPG world. For it had a very simple graphical look, gameplay that was loved by millions over the time it was alive. Then, in early 2018, the team at Nexon announced that MapleStory […]

Dark and Light

Shard of Faith Expansion Launches For Dark and Light

by Todd Blackon October 10, 2018
Wasn’t a Dark and Light expansion coming? What was it about again? Snail Games calls all adventurers to Dark and Light: Shard of Faith, the first expansion to the popular fantasy, survival RPG Dark and Light, available on Steam for PC. Set in The Dark Plane above Archos, a massive, brand new map area and storyline to […]
Total War: Warhammer II

Total War: Warhammer II Getting “The Curse Of The Vampire Coast”

by Todd Blackon October 4, 2018
Anything new coming to Total War: Warhammer II? A new campaign or two maybe? As night falls on Lustria’s easterly coast, the sea-mists part to reveal a vision of purest dread: the decaying pirate galleons of the Vampire Coast! Playable in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empire campaigns, the Curse of the Vampire Coast introduces four […]


Tera Getting Special Halloween Content

by Todd Blackon October 4, 2018
Any events coming to Tera this month? What are they? October has finally arrived, and plenty of tricks and treats await players of TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! The spirit of Halloween haunts every town in TERA and players can participate in a special Halloween Festival Hall dungeon event. Defend the stash of sweets from marauding monsters […]
Bless Online

Bless Online Will Go Free-To-Play On Steam

by Todd Blackon October 4, 2018
What’s the latest on Bless Online? Will it go free-to-play soon? Bless Online, the grand fantasy MMORPG from Neowiz Bless Studio, will exit Early Access and officially launch on Steam on Oct. 23rd, 2018. Along with a bevy of new content, the long-awaited MMORPG will be Free to Play for all Steam users at launch. […]

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Offering Special Deal To Trial Users

by Todd Blackon October 3, 2018
What if I want to play Black Desert Online after my trial? Any special offers for that? Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced today that Black Desert Online has recently reached 10 million registered players worldwide. To celebrate this milestone, new adventurers can earn a free copy of Black Desert Online by completing the 7-day trial […]

Lineage II Classic

by skyrimadminon October 1, 2018
Create your character from a selection of 31 classes and the five original races, each with varying skills and abilities. Go back to the days before instances, when earning a level was an achievement worthy of everyone shouting “grats.” You won’t want to go it alone in Lineage II Classic; form a clan with your […]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Companion App For Final Fantasy XIV Has Launched!

by Todd Blackon September 8, 2018
What’s this about a companion app for Final Fantasy XIV? What does it do? The recently released Final Fantasy XIV Companion app connects players to the realm of Eorzea® on iOS and Android devices and is available as a free download. Players may link their Final Fantasy XIV Online character to chat with friends that are using the app, […]
Bless Unleashed

Bandai Namco Reveals Bless Unleashed For Xbox One

by Todd Blackon August 24, 2018
What is Blessed Unleashed? What makes it so special? Leading interactive entertainment developer and publisher, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. announced Bless Unleashed, a new free-to-play MMORPG experience coming first to the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X. Developed by Round 8 Studio of NEOWIZ, players will dive into an epic […]